Qualify to teach English as a foreign language with a combined TEFL course. Study online at your own pace and join your fellow TEFL students in the classroom at one of our locations across the country.

Study online and in the classroom
Classroom locations available across the UK, Ireland, and in Madrid
Learn from highly experienced EFL teachers
TEFL Courses
Combined Online and Classroom TEFL Courses
Get the best of both worlds with our combined TEFL courses and pair flexible online learning with a hands-on practical classroom course.
Our online and classroom courses are designed by TEFL teachers and led by highly experienced and qualified EFL tutors – with TEFL Council  you learn only from the best!

All our combined TEFL courses include:
An internationally recognised TEFL certificate – qualifying you to teach abroad, teach online, and teach here in the UK
Flexible online learning – easily fit studying around your busy schedule
Lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre – so you can find your dream TEFL job
The best learning experience available developed by highly experienced EFL teachers and industry experts

Qualified tutor support throughout course – so that you learn from the best and get help and advice when you need it from a TEFL pro

What we recommend

TEFL courses are measured in hours, and a 120-hour qualification from an accredited TEFL provider has become the industry standard sought after by employers. For this reason, we recommend taking a course with at least 120 hours in order to open up as many opportunities as possible after course completion.

Our 120-hour TEFL course will give you the qualification, knowledge and confidence you need to find work teaching English abroad, online, or at home. If you want to go that extra mile and make your CV stand out our 140-hour and Level 5 TEFL courses are highly recommended.
Combined TEFL courses including a 2-day weekend TEFL classroom module

Combined TEFL courses including a 3-day weekday TEFL classroom module