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30-Hour English Grammar
A solid understanding of the rules of English grammar and its terminology is essential for any EFL teacher. Our 30-hour English Grammar course for TEFL will develop your understanding of grammar and leave you with the confidence to teach it to language learners for the first time.

Most native English speakers won’t have studied the rules of English grammar in any great depth, which is why a grammar course is a key part of a teacher’s TEFL training. This course will prepare you with an in-depth understanding of how grammar works as well as the terminology used.

You have one month to complete this course from the point of purchase. You will find this course included in all our 120+ hour TEFL courses – see our courses page for more information.

What will I learn?
A thorough understanding of the rules of English grammar
An understanding of grammar terminology
Everything you need to know about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and articles
Passive voice and reported speech
How language is structured

Confidence teaching grammar

What’s included?
Online help from the Grammar Guru if you get stuck
All course materials
Hard copy of your certificate
Lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre
30-Hour English Grammar
Course fee: € 159 € 103
Our accreditation

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