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30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness Course

30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness modules:

1. Course Introduction
In this unit, you will be shown how to navigate around the online course platform, an overview of the entire course and told how you should approach learning English grammar. The more you learn about English grammar and language, the better you are explaining the whats, ifs and whys to English learners.

2. Nouns
There is more to a noun than you think. This unit will cover the several types of nouns you can find in the English language from proper, to concrete, to abstract.

3. An introduction to verbs
There are many different types of verbs, all with different functions and uses in everyday language. This unit will teach you about main and auxiliary verbs, verb inflection (or changing the form of the verb), different forms of verbs such as past and present participles, modal verbs, and a few other types too.

4. Verbs that are not verbs
Sounds strange but there are times when a word might look like a verb but it isn’t, so don’t be fooled! This unit covers gerunds, participles and infinitives and how they are used.

5. Adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives and adverbs are describing words but what exactly are they describing, where do they go in a sentence, and if you have more than one, does it matter which order they go in?

6. Other parts of speech
This unit covers the other parts of speech that tie everything together in a sentence including articles and determiners, phrasal verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, reported speech and passive voice in this unit.

7. Present, past and future tenses
Learn how to construct sentences with different tenses, how and when to use them and how to make sure you can teach your students about them through fun activities for each.

8. Conditionals
The final unit of this course will take you through the conditionals – four to be exact, plus mixed conditionals and what pitfalls to avoid when teaching them to learners.

Included on the course
Downloadable PDF learning resources so you can start studying straight away.
A personal online tutor is available to assist you with the topics covered on the course as well as mark and provide feedback on all assignment submissions
One months to complete the course – as an online course, you set the pace. You can spread your learning out over the month given, or you can complete it within a shorter timeframe if you have more time to dedicate to it – it’s completely up to you and your learning goals.
Plus, as a TEFL Org student you receive lifetime access to our online TEFL Jobs Center where you can search and apply for English teaching opportunities all over the globe.

30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness Course
Course fee: € 129 € 83
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