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What exactly is a teaching semester?

Opens Doors
Finding a job can sometimes be a tricky task when you don’t have any relevant experience. In today’s competitive job market, attempting to break into a new industry can be very difficult. Instead of applying to full time permanent teaching positions, why not try a TEFL internship instead?

Get your foot on the career ladder
TEFL internships are an excellent way to gain experience in a new industry and could be just the stepping stone you need to get you onto the career ladder! Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or a professional who is looking for a career change, a TEFL internship can give you a great confidence boost and can be a truly life changing experience.

On-the-job training
Internship programmes offer you a fixed period of employment where you are trained on-the-job and gain real insight into what a career in your chosen industry would be like day to day. Although internships may not initially be a great money-earner, they are a fantastic investment into your future career and you will gain so much more than just financial reward! So, if you want to gain experience in a supportive training environment, an internship programme is your answer!

Benefits of a TEFL internship

Professional support from start to finish

Pre-departure advice from our TEFL experts and full in-country support from ELC and buddy system.

You’re not alone
You will be sharing this wonderful experience with a group of like-minded people.

Brilliant orientation programme where you learn how to get yourself around the city, learn about the history and culture of your local area, how to use chopsticks and much more!

No experience needed
Full training is provided so you do not need to be an expert when starting the internship!

Develop transferable skills
Completing an internship programme looks excellent on your CV and you will learn invaluable skills you can use throughout your life.

Is this the career for you?
An internship gives you a taster of what life would be like as a TEFL teacher.

Short contract
The contract is just under five months long so you aren’t tied to a year-long contract!

Networking opportunities
Through completing an internship you are likely to make lots of contacts in your field who could help you progress into another job once your internship is complete. References from the people you meet in your company can also help you find employment more easily in the future.

Gain confidence
Starting a new career can be extremely daunting but with the support of an internship programme, this can really help you to grow in confidence.

Earn money
Learn valuable life skills while being paid! Although you will most likely not be paid a full salary for an internship, the experience will help you find permanent work afterwards.