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PDF Resource Packs for TEFL
For the first time teacher, having some quality resources at hand is an essential. Having done your course, you will have the knowledge to plan great lessons and games, but it can still be daunting to begin with. These resources will give you a helping hand until you get into the swing of things; the various packs will provide you with some tried and tested lesson plans, warmers and games for people of all ages and stages.
The TEFL Book (PDF) by Mark Durnford
A 200-page manual taking you through the best ways to manage your classroom, lesson structures, teaching grammar and phonology.
Lesson Plans Pack Volume 3 (PDF)
An ideal addition to your collection of lesson plans, this volume includes an incredible 40 brand new lesson plans.

What's inside the pack?

40 lesson plans
Targeted towards beginner to intermediate level learners
Business English PDF Lesson Plans Pack
Perfect if you are interested in starting a career teaching Business English. This 81-page pack covers a range of lessons suitable for elementary to intermediate level learners.

What does the pack include?

A total of 16 lesson plans
Teachers' notes with detailed information about learning outcomes and timings
Student handouts including flashcards
Young Learners PDF Lesson Plans Pack
A must-have pack for kindergarten and elementary school EFL teachers!

What's included in the pack?

15 lesson plans
Teachers' notes with learning objectives, warmers and lead-ins for each lesson
Worksheets and handouts for your students
Lesson Plans Pack Volume 2 (PDF)
What does the pack include?

a total of 30 TEFL lesson plans for elementary to advanced level learners
Teachers' notes
Student hand-outs
Perfect for new and inexperienced teachers going into their first job abroad. You'll never be stuck for ideas.
TEFL Games & Warmers (PDF)
If you are looking to inject some  fun into your lesson or introduce a new topic, this pack of TEFL games and warmers is for you! The PDF pack includes a total of 51 activities so there is a variety of TEFL games and warmers to suit all ages and abilities.

Lesson Plans Pack Volume 1 (PDF)
Perfect for new and inexperienced teachers going into their first job abroad. The lessons are also set up so you can change themes or activities. These 10 tried and tested plans are suitable for elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level learners.